About (SLS-AU)

The School of Legal Studies at Aryavart University (SLS-AU) believes in initiating transformative change by fostering dreams and envisioning a better future. We are a community of passionate individuals united by the common goal of revolutionizing legal education. Our primary mission is to provide students with a deep understanding of the law and equip them for the evolving demands of the legal profession. Our educational approach integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications, creating an innovative learning environment.

The five-year integrated BA LLB (Hons), three-year LLB, two year LLM& PG Diploma programme in various specializations has been running since July 2023. To nurture the spirit of innovation and research, The university is also going to start Ph.D. program from July 2024. School of Legal Studies - Aryavart University (SLS-AU) has world-class facilities and pedagogy, which are constantly reviewed and upgraded to reflect the latest trends and developments in Legal education.

The ongoing programme of the SLS-AU attempts to strike a right balance between the compulsory subjects prescribed by the Bar Council of India and subjects underscoring the interface between Law, Justice and Governance. We prioritize holistic development by offering practical training, exposure, and extracurricular activities alongside traditional classroom learning.

Embracing a transnational educational model, SLS-AU aims to blend the theoretical knowledge with practical learning and development of skills and professional attitude through clinical legal education. Our commitment to education combines academic rigor with real-world experience to nurture diligent learners poised for success. We strive to ensure a continuous flow of knowledge, preparing our students for fruitful academic journeys and thriving careers.


The LLB & BALLB (Hons) course taught at School of Legal Studies - Aryavart University, Sehore are recognized and duly approved by the Bar Council of India, the apex body regulating legal education In India.
Important: The B.C.I. approval letters to School of Legal Studies - Aryavart University, Sehore are downloadable at links above.
Message from Dean

School of Legal Studies - Aryavart University (SLS-AU) is committed to groom its students to become best lawyers, judges, civil servants, social workers/ activists, corporate legal professionals and to excel in their careers and lives as exemplary leaders.

We at SLS-AU, differentiate through our focus and emphasis to the communication skill, co-curricular grooming, judiciary exposure, legal clinic activities and imbibing human values in addition to the regular intensive classroom programs. We have handpicked experienced leadership and the law faculty with high energy, motivation; and equipped them with the best infrastructural and instructional support system.

We strive to create innovative learning environment, inspiring our students to future leaders of the Industry and Judiciary. We are confident that SLS-AU Law Graduates will key contribute to the futuristic picture of the legal profession in India.

Prof. Dr. Prabhat Dixit